I Despise Devise (…Testing)

Wow! Is all I can say. Maintaining a life work balance while taking classes is sooo hard! I don’t know about your kid but my 4yr old is very demanding. I mean he even expects me to feed him on command. Wait, what!? Didn’t you just feed yourself just this morning/yesterday/just now when I wasn’t looking? Ok off topic…

I should have been done with my 3 month blueprint at CareerFoundry but I got a 1 month extension. My mentor and I got stuck on the testing exercises for almost 3 weeks! He finally figured out what “broke” my site and I was able to figure out how to get my controller tests to pass. ¬†Just in case any of you run into the same problems I’m posting my solution here. Yes, you are welcome. ūüôā


1.     NoMethodError:                                       
       undefined method `env' for nil:NilClass

Devise….is the devil, well not really. But it does complicate things somewhat. For some reason in my sleep deprived stupor after hours of copying and pasting lame solutions from¬†stackoverflow, I placed¬†include Devise::TestHelpers¬†inside my Application Controller. Big no no. These helpers should like in your spec files. Mine now lives happily in my spec_helper.rb. This phantom error caused my tests to fail and my site would not load locally.¬†Stackoverflow Q&A here.

2.             ArgumentError: uncaught throw :warden

So now my page looks good, but I get this new error. I thought that this was due to me missing a test helper or something somewhere. But after just a few minutes of Googling I found a solution that looked promising. A lingering issue from aforementioned stupor from stackoverflow, I was trying to use a factory that I didn’t have setup properly. I deleted it because it was unnecessary for the exercise and what do I know about factories anyway? Then I just explicitly created the user in the describe block of my test. And it passed. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Stackoverflow Q&A here.

problem code:

before :each do
request.env[devise.mapping] = Devise.mappings[:user]
@user = FactoryGirl.build(:user)

fixed code: 

before :each do
request.env[devise.mapping] = Devise.mappings[:user]
@user = User.create!(email: me@home.com, password: watching the telly)

So nothing fancy or technical here. I have been learning a lot. I will save my comments about the program until the end.

If you want a peak at my sample site Click here!  I think it looks pretty good so far.


Sample Projects Here!

About a ¬†month ago I enrolled in the Career Foundry Full Stack Web Developer Program. I opted for the faster paced 3 month option.¬†It’s been pretty good so far. The first month is all front end stuff: Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery. The second and third months are all Ruby on Rails: setup, git, Heroku, REST, testing, ecommerce and performance.

I have been self studying for about a year so nothing I’ve seen so far is new to me. But, I have been able to better grasp things this time around. I meet with a mentor once a week and he has been helping me when I need it and letting me struggle when I don’t ;-). More than that he has been a valuable resource in terms of learning about the industry and giving advice on what to do to break in!

I am currently in the 7th week of exercises…which means I am way ahead of schedule. If I do end up finishing the coursework this early I intend to either fully build out my “sample” project or start a new one.

I am happy to report that below you will find 3 examples of a portfolio site I created.

1. Click here for my first site. Solely created as a sample project. Made with Bootstrap.

2. Click here for the same site updated to include a few more features. Also solely created as coursework. Made with Bootstrap.

3. Click here for the improved version I created for myself. Made with Bootstrap. Almost 100% responsive. I just need to fix the text so that it scales with the size of the screen. I will also be updating this site to include some modals, a contact form, and a few other whistles.

I am satisfied with the course so far. I feel much more comfortable with frontend dev, which I didn’t think would happen. I no longer suck at CSS…lol. I am much more comfortable with Git now…although I haven’t done any¬†stashing or branching. I’m trying to wrap my head around RoR…MVC [Model View Controller]. I’ve been told that it will all make sense soon….so I’m waiting on that.

In the meantime I am just continuing to work on my Sample Project Site. I picked a topic that I thought was cool and that I could make appealing. So you can definitely look forward to that in another month or so.

New Look…


Hello lovely readers! I thought it was about time for a makeover. How do you like it? I’ve pretty much just changed themes and added graphics to all posts. That really seems to spruce things up a bit doesn’t it?! I did not customize this theme at all. I’m currently working on coding my portfolio site from scratch… cool stuff. More on that later.

Back on the wagon

11After a seemingly long hiatus, I’m back! Well I wasn’t really on hiatus I just dislike writing. Then I got stressed out because my Mom was in the hospital, thankfully she is ok now. After that I just lost motivation for a bit. I always feel pressured to be witty, show quantifiable progress and produce beautiful sample projects. None of which I have for you today. LOL…. yet here I am. ūüôā

I did actually fall off this month. I realized that I only have so many hours a day for myself and I can only do one thing at a time…..So my Korean drama obsession took over and I watched several marathon seasons of new shows. Then Christmas happened and I went to Toronto for 2 weeks. It was awesome. I had full days of doing all the lame things tourists do…And of course I had to fit in 2 trips to Koreatown for some high quality food. Can you say bi bim bap? Or maybe bulgogi? Very good. I even got the flu, but I recovered very quickly. I also went skiing which was awesome! Our first time seeing snow and all…I couldn’t get my husband off the slopes. Therefore there was no coding this month!
I received an email for a complete stranger that found me on codermatch.com. He wanted to pair program but that didn’t happen. I think he was farther along in his journey than I. But he got me thinking about what I was doing? Just letting the sands of time slip through my hands. So back on to Treehouse I went. I am almost done with the Ruby track…picked up another 1,000 or so points (after ditching the WordPress track). It was mostly review for me…since I’ve completed a few other intro to Ruby things elsewhere. I feel better that I got back on the wagon. After all that’s why you’re here right? To hear about my progress, successes and (failures) ..ah I mean learning experiences.
Well its still early. I am still working through Treehouse. I found some cool new resources to share with you below. I haven’t given any of them a try yet. If you have make sure and let me know!
I wanted to complete Bloc.io but just like lot of other people that is a big financial commitment for me right now. So I decided to seriously consider alternatives in the mean time…even though I may still opt to do Bloc in the future. So….Tealeaf is front and center on my radar. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.

Newly found resources:
www.makeitwithcode.com – $500 whoa…[the trial was ok but I’m not sure its worth that much]
www.freecodecamp.com – name says it all ;-). [the forum is crazy active and everyone there seems to like it]
Side Note: The Odin Project
While it may be a great program, I got overwhelmed by the vast amount of resources and options available in the program. All those rabbit holes are little death traps for me. I also got stuck on some of the early projects and hated working it alone. Yes, I tried to join a study group. But I couldn’t commit to the their time schedule. I don’t quite have the support of my family to consistently make dates and times. I am still the breadwinner as well as full time wife & mother (and all the responsibilities that comes with!). Not complaining but maybe one day I will get to do it my way.

Treehouse Web Design Track – Completed!

105,975 treehouse points acquired – Treehouse

Isn’t that great news? ūüôā

Since moving to Aruba I had a really difficult time getting stated. I was without internet [at home] for 3 weeks!!! I thought I was going to die without my daily kdrama fix, but alas I am still here. Once I got connected I was surprised to find that the speeds were better than I previously had in the US. Now, I’m not saying internet here is faster than everywhere in the US, its just faster than the 1Mbps I had with “no name” cable corp. I have yet to meet up with any web developers locally but that is near¬†the top of my priority list. The coding community/presence here must be very small.

Anyway, I have been putting a lot of time into my coding lately and completed the Web Design track in about 2 months. I¬†like treehouse. It has a good mix of video, short quizzes and actual code challenges. There are lots of good reviews on the internet so I won’t really go into it, but, I was satisfied with all the content. Do I feel like a developer? Not really. I hope to start my first project soon, which I will of course share here with you. I’m sure it will be awesome. lol.

I have also since moved on to treehouse’s WordPress track. I mean, this is a WordPress blog and as a “web developer” I should definitely customize it. So you can look forward to an eventual revamp here as well. Are you excited yet?

Coding Overseas

9Well great news! I have moved to Aruba. Yes I am living the dream… Beautiful white sandy beaches… Sweet island breeze… Oh wait a minute, I actually have to go to work. I am expected to be here for about 3 years, until the completion of the construction project I am working on. My family loves it!

It isn’t so great for my coding though. The internet here isn’t the greatest and so far I still don’t have any internet at my house!! (its been about a week). Hopefully I settle into a routine very soon, where I can find the time and resources to get back on the wagon.

The preceding weeks were filled with packing, moving and headaches! So not much was done in terms of coding. I miss it!!


Coding skills are JOB skills! Learn to Code!

8You know I have heard these statement many times and never fully understood the implications. I am interested in learning to code to start an exciting new career. And I’m sure this is what most people assume when they hear that they should learn to code. But coding can actually help most people in their current jobs.

Recently, on my current non code related job, I was charged with the task of creating an excel spreadsheet of documents that I and my subcontractors need to gather for the owner’s review. The specifications that I am using to generate this document is 1400 pages long of tiny little words! So I have to read through each section, find what is required and type it into excel in a particular format. Then it hit me. How easy would this have been if I knew how to extract the information I was looking for and automatically generate a spreadsheet using code! I mean *BOOM* just blew my mind how simple that would be and how I could share said code with coworkers since this is something we do on every project.

How could you use code in your everyday life?